Buprofezin 20% + Acephate 50% (w/w) WP

Buprofezin 20% + Acephate 50% (w/w) WP is an ideal solution for inhibiting the molting in pests. It is developed with utmost care with the best quality and has a CIB certification. It is effective in preventing and controlling pest attacks on crops.

Buprofezin 20% + Acephate 50% (w/w) WP

Buprofezin and Acephate are an excellent combination, blended together for effective pest management. It works best as a contact insecticide.

Mechanism of Action

It controls the pest infestation (prevents molting) and simultaneously affects the insect’s nervous system by preventing message transmission through disruption of acetylcholine which leads to paralysis and death.

The results can be visible within 48 hours of treatment as it does possess a quick knock-down action which is why after the treatment pest infestation can be controlled.


  1. In terms of pest control, it has a lasting impact.
  2. It is an all-purpose insecticide that kills a variety of pests.
  3. It kills pests by interfering with their internal nerve systems.
  4. It works well with other fungicides and pesticides.
  5. For optimal outcomes, it coats crops with a shield.
  6. It belongs to the organophosphate group of insecticides.


Foliar spray:- 30 gm – 35 gm / 15 liter water

(Spray on both sides of the leaves thoroughly for better results)


All Crops